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At GLASSTAX Consulting our service include accounting and auditing, tax consulting, personal services, and management consulting.


So! My girl says, “Let get our taxes done!” She chose a place while I kept my mouth shut until I heard the numbers. Then I spoke up and said, “We will be back!” Called my girl at Glass Tax and this is where we will stay!

Brenda is a professional with a passion for her craft. She thinks about others and just by asking me one question was able to find $4800 of overlooked refunds from the IRS. I will be switching from the CPA who has done my taxes for decades to Glass Tax this year because I know I will get back every dollar of my money the first time.

In 2007, I met Denise Mellon, while working a secular job. We talked briefly about college classes and I shared with her how I was taking the H&R Block tax class instead of a math class. After she learned I passed the course successfully, she insisted I do her taxes! Now if you know Mama D, you can never deny her. She has been an inspiration and a good friend through the whole process. Denise saw what I couldn’t see. Look at what you’ve done Mama D  www.ptindirectory.com/preparerBrendaJones

“Best customer support. Fast, took care of all my issues, and went the extra miles for me. They are very good and versatile.”

“Really great service, many options. Great customer support and assistance. I highly recommend it.”

“Perfect service with lots of options. I haven’t experienced any kind of errors at all.”

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